RetroTINK 4K SCART Brace

Kytor Industries has just released a SCART brace for the RetroTINK 4K scaler. that utilizes the RT4K’s screw terminals to secure it in place.  At $12 plus shipping, I’d say this is a must-have for anyone who wants to integrate their RT4K into their setup and never have to worry about your SCART cable backing out.  Just make sure your cable fits – More info and pics below the links:

Purchase Here:
0.5 Shielded SCART Cable:
1.5 Meter Shielded SCART Cable:
RetroTINK 4K:

While the SCART brace is awesome, it’ll only fit with standard-sized SCART heads with the typical angled cable.  It won’t work with flat cables, or angled cables with larger hoods:

That said, any standard-sized cable should fit just fine:  Simply insert the cable, slide the brace over and tighten the hand-screws.  I’d just suggest giving the cable a little tug to make sure it’s locked in…and you’re done!  Now you shouldn’t need to worry about it backing out ever again:

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