Rany Battikh

RetroTINK-2X to OSSC Line 5X Tutorial by Mike Chi

Mike Chi, most notably known as the creator of the Retrotink line of products, just posted a tutorial video showcasing the Retrotink 2x working in conjunction with the OSSC.

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Mike used an unmodified NES to output composite video to the Retrotink 2x. He, then, instead of using a HDMI to VGA converter (this option produces noticeable artifacts due to the lack of a LPF on the VGA/HD-15 port on the OSSC), opted for a cheap HDMI to component converter, which in this scenario works perfectly well.

The obtained component source now goes directly into the OSSC (through AV2). Mike also clearly explained that he did set the Retrotink 2x to passthrough (240p in this case) so the OSSC could handle the line-multiplying process. The OSSC was set to:

– Line 5x mode – Generic 4:3
– Video LPF: 9 MHz (SDTV)

Unfortunately, Mike seemed to be facing some kind of trouble while trying to capture footage. There was some apparent “shimmering” effects throughout the gameplay video and that’s probably due to FPS settings mismatch in OBS.

The final result is quite impressive, on a actual display, for a composite video source. With applied scanlines from the OSSC the image looks clean and sharp. That’s a great solution for people who want to leave their NES (or other composite-only) systems unmodified and play on modern screens.