Retro Freak Cartridge Dumper

amoore2600 has recently released steps to customize a firmware for the Retro Freak software emulation box that allows you to backup your own cartridges and save game files. The CFW is built on top of jonasroslands‘ and Hissorii’s original work and bypasses the encryption from the file the Retro Freak always dumps when you insert a cart, allowing it to be used as a standard dumped ROM.

You’ll need to make sure the Retro Freak is on application version 2.7 before loading the CFW.  Then, download the version of rfdumper that matches the size of SD card you’ll use (up to 32GB).  Next, configure your SD card to run retrofd and add the rfdumper files to the retrofd directory on the card.

After installation, the Retro Freak should function normally, just with the ability to back up your cartridges and saves.  You’ll still be able to play the games, but savegames won’t work and other issues might occur as a result.  Personally, I’d rather use a Retro Freak as a cartridge dumper than to play games, so I’m fine with that.

For more information, check out the main GitHub page:

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