Rany Battikh

Retro-Bit’s new Dreamcast controller

Carrying on with their line of SEGA legacy controllers, Retro-Bit just revealed the preliminary design for their upcoming Dreamcast controller.

What’s different this time, is that Retro-Bit with the collaboration of SEGA, altered the the classic design of the not-so-popular original DC controller, opting for:

  • 6 face-button layout (similar to the Saturn 3D controller, 2D fighting-game fans rejoice!)
  • new d-pad (circular d-pad as opposed to the cross-shaped original) 
  • new analogue stick
  • re-positioned triggers

Just like Retro-Bit‘s earlier Genesis and Saturn releases, the new DC controller will receive both the wired and wireless treatments, through the system’s proprietary connector. A USB version will most probably see the light of the day at some point.

A lot of details are yet to be announced like pricing, compatibility with peripherals and available colors. The controller is set for release in late 2020.

It is safe to assume that Retro-Bit chose not to modify the Genesis and Saturn controllers because of their excellent design and critical acclaim; the same could not be said about the Dreamcast controller, unfortunately, as it had its fair share of flaws, pushing power users (especially 2D fighters enthusiasts) to look into more ergonomic options like the ASCII Pad FT.

While I haven’t had the chance to test Retro-Bit‘s wireless offerings yet, their wired controllers have served me perfectly in my short gaming sessions so I’m quite intrigued to check their DC option out.



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