Rany Battikh

Retro Access’ Fortraflex cables

Renowned RGB cable manufacturer Retro Access recently introduced their latest line of cables entitled: Fortraflex.

2nd UPDATE AS OF APRIL 7TH – It’s “Fortraflex”, not Fortaflex.  Spelling changed in-post, but please excuse the URL.
3rd UPDATE AS OF APRIL 22ND – Size is corrected and all Genesis models properly fit (pic below)

At first glance, the Fortraflex cables seem to be a more-affordable alternative to the high-end “Coax” line that Retro Access has been primarily known for, for quite some time now. A unique visual distinction from older available cables comes in the form of an angled connector.

But after further examination, Retro Access admittedly took inspiration from Nintendo and Microsoft official scart cables to design a cheaper-to-make product that still maintains most features offered by premium options. In a detailed FAQ posted on RA’s website, it is clearly explained that while Fortraflex cables are still heavily shielded, the material (polyethylene) used to separate (and eventually shield) individual lines simply render the overall cable more flexible, compared to the pvc loaded coax cables.

For the time being, only consoles that use mini-din style connectors has Fortraflex cables available for them, namely the Sega Genesis and the Sega Saturn, but according to RA other cables will be added later on.

Priced at just below 30$, I’m sure that Fortraflex cables will gain popularity among gamers with large and active setups due to their flexible nature and excellent quality.

Fortraflex FAQ:  https://retro-access.com/blogs/news/faq-about-fortraflex?aff=3
Fortraflex cables:  https://retro-access.com/collections/fortraflex?aff=3


UPDATE 4/6:  The first batch of the cables seen well-made, but you’ll need to trim the connector for use with the Genesis 3.