Recommending the Resident Evil 4 HD Project

If you were looking for a new excuse to replay Resident Evil 4, Spanish modders Albert Marin and Cris Morales have finally released their long-awaited texture pack and visual overhaul for the Steam version of the game – the Resident Evil 4 HD Project. And let me tell you, it’s a thing of beauty that breathes new life into this wicked action-horror classic.

Download the mod and support it’s creators here:

As a bit of a fuddy-duddy purist when it comes to older games, I’ve never been one for fan-made texture packs or ReShade injectors. More often than not they tend to undermine the original artistic vision of the game with garishly photo-realistic textures, DeviantArt-looking character models or bloom filters so bright you’d need sunglasses to play it. There are lovingly handcrafted exceptions though, like Nerrel’s Majora’s Mask N64HD Project, which serve not only to get new players interested in these older classics, but to give returning fans a way to play their old favourites with a new coat of paint. The Resident Evil 4 HD Project accomplishes all that and more, effectively asserting itself as the best possible way to play this game on modern hardware.

In short, the Resident Evil 4 HD Project :

  • Faithfully replaces every single texture in the game with painstakingly drawn high-res counterparts, or, when possible, utilizes higher quality versions of Capcom’s source material.
  • Adds thousands of revisions and re-models to 3D objects.
  • Successfully re-implements the original color tone, lighting, and DoF effects from the GameCube version.
  • Replaces many low-res 2D background items with completely hand-made 3D models.
  • Completely re-models and re-texturing of every weapon, item and treasure in Leon’s inventory.
  • Adds upscaled FMV’s for the Assignment Ada missions.
  • Includes optional tweaks and fixes like an FOV slider, toggle-able post processing, and the restoration of fixed-camera angles during Ashley’s sequences from the Japanese GameCube release.

And more! For a quick rundown, check out this trailer by Albert himself or visit their website

After having finished this game on numerous platforms since it’s original release on the GameCube back in 2005, I wanted to give the HD Project a carefully scrutinized play-through before I put a stamp of recommendation on it. And so, having blasted my way once again through a horde of infected Spanish villagers, spooky monks, giant insects and Regenerators, I can say in full confidence, for players both new and old – this mod is the definitive way to play Resident Evil 4.

Check it out! ¡Un forastero!