RAD2x – Beginner Genesis 2 Video

I recently released a video about the upcoming Retro Analog to Digital 2x, or ‘RAD2x’ cables, which are the only plug & play cables worth using for pre-sixth generation consoles.  In short, the cables are fairly priced, process 240p correctly (no flicker or blur) and don’t add any lag to the output.

While I was very proud of the “unveiling” video, I quickly realized that these are beginner cables and I made a video geared toward intermediate-to-advanced users.  As a result, I wanted to follow up with a series of videos about each individual RAD2x cable that focuses on more beginner-oriented topics.

I started with the Genesis 2 cable, as it’s pretty straightforward, but also touches upon how only scaling to 2x might be an easier solution for beginners, as things like jailbars are less noticeable and you (mostly) won’t need to worry about console mods…at least at first.

While RetroRGB has always focused more on the advanced side of gaming, I’d like to start creating more content that helps people get started.  As a bonus, even RGB veterans might enjoy the content, as you might use these as inspiration to find new ways to explain the crazy stuff we do to newcomers 🙂

Links to everything discussed in the video:

RAD2x Genesis 2 Cable:
Entire RAD2x Line of Cables:
Sega Genesis 32x Risers:
Genesis 2 to Genesis 1 / SMS Mono Adapter:
Genesis 2 to Genesis 1 Stereo Adapter:
Genesis 3 Restoration Info:
Sega Triple Bypass Mod:

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

Original RAD2x video:

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