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Racing Wheels on the MiSTer FPGA – Setup Guide

Bob gave me the idea to investigate the current status of racing wheel support on the MiSTer. It seems that most wheels are not plug and play and will need some support added into Mister main release branch somehow. If you have a Logitech G27, G29 or GT then you may be in luck, these seem like the most supported wheels at the time of writing

Racing Wheels on MiSTer FPGA – Setup Guide Dec 2022 – Cathode Ray Blog

I wrote an article outlining a few things

  • The Atrac17 patch to enable Logitech support
  • How to setup the wheel in the MiSTer menu
  • Checking the wheel with the Gamepad Input Tester
  • Updates to mister.ini
  • Core Specific Setup
  • Outrun Support
  • Analog Settings in PSX games
  • I personally test 7 different racing wheels on my MiSTer