PSIO Available on Stone Age Gamer on Sunday, December 9th at 12:00PM (EST)

Known for it’s epically long wait-list and wonderful (and growing) performance and compatibility, the PSIO , essentially a Playstation flash cart, Developed by Cybdyn Systems is coming to Ohio retro game store, Stone Age Gamer.  In a recent tweet, they announced that sales will begin this Sunday, December 9th, 2018 at 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time. The price will be $124.99 for the cart itself, but in addition, they are offering modding service bundles for $169.99 and pre-modded consoles for 199.99. This on the heals of a big firmware update that edged the console ever nearer to full compatibility. This device is becoming a game changer for Playstation fans:

This, just maybe, could mean an end to the big waits for this wonderful device. And just in time to make Christmas shopping complete for the Playstation lover in your life!