Pre-Order Game Gear: Heroes Against Demons

Pre-orders are now open for a physical version of the 2020 puzzle game Heroes Against Demons.  This game was originally created for the SMS Power coding competition and this is the Game Gear version, with two-player support via the link cable added.  There’s a choice between a complete-in-box version (with manual and poster), or a full collectors edition box set that even includes a new shell for your Game Gear to match the game!  There’s also a CIB SMS version of the game available, if you prefer that platform:

CIB Game Gear Version ($70):
Collectors Edition with GG Shell ($200):
CIB Master System Version ($60):
Download the SMS ROM / More Info:

As a retro gamer, this is almost the best scenario I could ask for:  Anyone can try the original SMS game for free via emulation, or even on real SMS/Genesis hardware via ROM Carts.  If you decide you like it, you have the option to get a cool CIB copy, or even a really unique collectors edition with a custom Game Gear shell!!  In my opinion, the only thing “missing” is a donate button and download of the Game Gear rom:  Respectfully, I know a few people who’d want to support the developer ichigobankai and composer Polaria Poyon, but just don’t have the space or desire for an SMS physical copy.  Same with the Game Gear version:  A digital-only option to purchase would be great as well.  Maybe the team will consider adding a “pay what you want” option for a digital copy, after the pre-orders are over?

Either way, I’m happy to share this release.  This is also the same team who shipped copies of Voyage: A Sorceress’ Vacation, which I was very impressed with overall:  The game was fun and the packaging/cartridge was excellent quality!  I think it’s safe to assume this release will be of equal quality.

Here’s more details on what the collector’s edition includes:

  • A unique Game Gear shell and glass, matching the game design
  • All buttons (D-pad, button 1, 2, start and power, speaker holder and battery spring cover), in yellow and grey
  • Hi quality ABS Shell and glass, UV printed, numbered
  • Hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Quality packaging, professionally custom-made anthracite polyethylene foam for the game and the shell
  • Only 50 copies produced


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