PCMIDI: Roland MPU-401 Replacement

The Roland MPU-401 is an old MIDI device required for DOS games that depend on the Roland MT-32’s intelligent mode. Like the MT-32 module itself, the 401s have skyrocketed in price and are now incredibly rare and expensive. PCMIDI is a new ISA card that re-creates this functionality at a fraction of the price, selling for €110 including shipping.

– Fully Roland “Intelligent Mode” compatible , no drivers needed – full hardware solution with 100% game compatibility
– Fully UART mode compatible
– Wavetable header for midi daughterboards , 100% bug-free
– External MIDI connectivity: 3xOUT ports, 1xIN port – each card is sold with a 1xOUT cable (schematic to make a DB9 cable with the rest of the optional extra ports are provided in the package)
– Volume attenuation jumpers for loud daughterboards like the XR385
– Internal wavetable audio-out header
– Under Windows the card works with the embedded “Roland MPU-401 Interface” drivers
– Manufactured with brand new quality precision parts

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