PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 Internal Stereo Amplifier

Mobius Strip Tech has just released an open-source design for a PCE / TG-16 audio amplifier.  This is designed to be installed alongside an internal RGB mod, to get the best quality audio signal, as well as video.  As per the OSHPark page:

The TurboGrafx 16 and original PC Engine do not have internal audio amplifiers. Reason being that they had RF output and stereo audio was only needed externally. Which meant that stereo audio amplifiers were in the peripherals instead.

This board provides a high quality stereo audio circuit for use inside these 2 consoles when doing a video mod. No more turning up the volume to insane levels just to hear the amazing sound of Bonk.

People can make their own, or download the files at:

This is just another in the line of ever-growing enhancements for PCE / TG-16 consoles, with most others covered in a recent video (linked below).  I’m curious to see how this audio amp would compare to FBX’s board for the SSDS3, or even the new version with the audio fixed!  I imagine they’d all be very similar, but it would be cool to hear a comparison!

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