Parsec: A New Arcade Supergun


Superguns allow you to attach real arcade game PCBs to televisions for gameplay.

A new budget oriented supergun has emerged, the Parsec. It should be safe for modern video equipment because it has a video encoder that outputs proper RGB, unlike simple pass-through Superguns that endanger video equipment due to the vast range of RGB and sync levels that arcade hardware can put out. Although we need to get a Parsec into the hands of an expert to verify that the circuit is safe. I refer to this new breed of video-encoding superguns as modern superguns.

The Parsec will be the third modern supergun in existence to my knowledge (after the Home Arcade System “HAS”, and upcoming Sentinel), and I’m excited to see it put to the test. For $134, it offers a lot of features.


  • JAMMA, JAMMA+ compatible
  • 24 pin ATX power input connector (also works with 20 pin ATX)
  • Push button on/off switch
  • On-board -5v regulator provides up to 1.5A
  • Power on/off switch for -5v regulator
  • LEDs indicating presence of +5v, -5v, +12v, and standby power
  • Built-in NTSC video converter
  • Genesis 2 compatible A/V connector for RGB video
  • Composite video and s-video jacks
  • 1/8″ stereo line out jack or Genesis 2 A/V connector provides audio
  • Stereo / mono switch
  • Audio attenuation circuit with isolation transformers
  • Neo Geo controller ports for players 1 and 2 with standard supergun pinout
  • Credit, test, and service buttons
  • Kick harness connector
  • Buttons 4 and 5 on JAMMA connector can be disabled with DIP switches
  • Basic button remapping option using jumpers: “select” on Neo Geo controller connects to button 5 or can insert coin