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PandaMonium Video Showcase: Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

” True to my being, I made the audience wait slightly more than two months for me to make another video that is too long.

At the beginning of the Saturn homebrew contest season for 2021, I recall the host Dr. Emerald Nova saying there might not be as many entries this year. Real life often gets in the way of hobbies — and the creation of unofficial software for a long defunct video game console is no exception to this rule. The doctor’s diagnosis: many in the homebrew scene were behind on their projects when entry submission began in September. By the end of December, that did not matter.

The first SegaXtreme homebrew contest in 2019 boasted 12 entries: eight original games and four patches. The second, SegaXtreme 26, would crush those numbers: a hulking 21 total entries, of which 15 are original and six hacks/patches/tools. Imagine the blush on Dr. Nova’s face when the anticipated “fewer than 21” for contest number three would turn out to be 32. This homebrew contest has 16 original games, 10 translation patches, and six utilities.

As one of the many judges for this year, I made a video reviewing all of them. Please watch and enjoy at your leisure. Thank you to every soul who took part in this contest and are thus keeping the Saturn scene as a whole alive. “

-Nick (PandaMonium) Broadway

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