PAL N64 S-Video Restore Flex Cable

Consoles4You is now selling a flex cable kit that restores S-Video capabilities to NUS-CPU-P-03 (PAL) N64’s.  The price is about $18 plus shipping and they’re also offering a bundle that includes a fully-shielded S-Video cable for about $70.  This is a much easier option for those model N64’s than RGB, as all PAL N64’s require the advanced RGB mod.  More info after the links:

Purchase Here:
Installation Guide:

To understand this product more, we need to quickly go over PAL N64’s.  First, none came with the VDC-NUS chip that were found in early NTSC consoles, which are easy to add RGB-output.  So if you’re looking for a higher quality signal than composite, you’ll either need to install an advanced RGB mod, or an HDMI mod – Both of which are fairly difficult to install.

So if PAL N64 users are looking for an easy way to get a signal higher than composite, why not just use an S-Video cable?  Well, if your motherboard revision is a NUS-CPU-P-01 or NUS-CPU-P-02, then that’s a perfect solution – Simply buy this cable:

…but what if you’re one of the many people who owns a Pikachu or ‘Funtastic’ model with the NUS-CPU-P-03 motherboard?  Your choice would be a complicated HDMI or RGB mod, or this basic mod.  And there you go:  While a niche product, this is a perfect solution for people with those boards who just want an upgrade from composite.

If you’d like more info on the N64, check out a video I did awhile back:

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