OSSC “dexx” Board Available for Sale – Lag Test Results Updated

Video Game Perfection has just started selling the dexx add-on board for the DE-10 Nano.  This essentially turns the same dev kit that powers the MiSTer FPGA project into an “OSSC Pro Lite”.  The price should come in under $100 without a remote, however it’s fully compatible with the original OSSC’s remote.  For more information, check out the livestream I did with Markus above, but please note that the lag test results is the stream were hastily done and wrong;  It’s ZERO LAG in line multiplier mode and just over a frame in scaler mode.  More info below:

Purchase the dexx:
Quick Start Guide:
More info:

Check out a video here for proof of (no) lag – It’s the Time Sleuth lag testing device set to output 240p, through a DAC into the HD15-2-SCART.  That plugs into the dexx’s SCART input.  Then the DE-10’s HDMI output is going through another DAC, into the input of a VGA CRT monitor.  All outputs are set to 480p and I didn’t adjust overscan;  That means the scaler lag is probably a bit less.  And the LM mode is still zero ;p  If you’d like more proof of my lag test methods, please check out the video at the bottom:


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