Orders are now open on the MAS Classic Arcade Stick

Scanline City has just opened orders on the new “MAS Classic” arcade sick.  As discussed in the original announcement, these are officially licensed builds that retain (or surpass) the quality of the originals.  At the moment, these are being sold as just the cases, so you’ll need to add your own buttons and sticks.  The “Classic” is built to accommodate “US-style” buttons and sticks.  If you’d prefer the Sanwa / Japanese style sticks, with this style shell, check out the “MAS Neo”.  These are all built-to-order, so depending on when your order is placed, it might take awhile to receive it.

Place your order here:

As a note, a percentage of the sales will be going to Anthony and Kris – son and daughter of the original creators who tragically passed away a few years ago.  It’s great that Jonathan’s both willing to keep these awesome arcade sticks alive, as well as support the family of the creators!  Please check out the original announcement, as well as Scanline City’s webpage for more info:

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