Opaque Black Dreamcast Shell Pre-Order

Game-Tech has just opened pre-orders on “Opaque Black” versions of the Dreamcast replacement shells.  These shells are from the same creator of the previous high quality Dreamcast replacement cases that have been on the market for a few years now and are excellent.  This is only the second time the black shells have been available, so if you were waiting on one of these, now’s the time to pick one up.  The price is $90 plus shipping.

All versions of the shell can be ordered here, select the black options from the drop-down:

Muramasa is still offering the same Dreamcast cases, however black doesn’t seem to be available at the moment:

Voultar recently posted a video showing installation of things like the DCDigital, as well as a clear version of the replacement shell.  These weren’t readily available when I did my Dreamcast hacks and mods video, but I absolutely would have included it if they were!  I think they’re an excellent way to replace an old, yellowed Dreamcast case…and even if your case is in good condition, I’d rather see a DCDigital HDMI hole cut in this, instead of an original.  In fact, that’s my only complaint about these:  I think they should come with a DCDigital HDMI hole pre-cut, for a complete “factory” look.  Maybe the manufacturer will someday offer that as an option…or just on all of them!

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