Nuon Controller Adapter

Robert Dale Smith has opened pre-orders on a USB controller adapter for the Nuon – No purchase is necessary now, just submit your name and email, then Robert will email you when sales open.  The price will be $60 plus shipping and it’s due to ship this spring.  Since the price of original Nuon controllers is extremely high, getting one of these and your favorite USB controller would allow for more controller variety, as well as cost-savings:

Pre-Order Here:
Original Nuon Controller:

So, obviously, I have to mention how cool it is whenever the community gets homebrew solutions for rare and obscure consoles.  In the past few years, we’ve gotten official re-releases of Iron Soldier 3 and Freefall 3050 AD, as well as a custom Tempest 3000 *Spinner controller.  Now with this controller adapter, you can use whatever controllers you have lying around, as well as USB spinners!  I hope this is the start of a new and weird life for the Nuon and I’ll absolutely be doing a livestream with one after this is released!

Here’s the current and future plans for the adapter – And please note that these adapters are firmware-upgradable, so if any extra features are added, you shouldn’t need a hardware upgrade:


  • Simulate Nuon controller with all 14-buttons and analog inputs
  • USB controller as Nuon controller
  • USB HID keyboards/mice as Nuon controllers
  • Firmware Updatable


  • Second analog and spinner input for Tempest 3000.
  • Emulated Nuon splitter multi-tap with USB Hub.
  • Possible rumble implementation for home brew.
  • Possible serial communication for developers.


  • Any USB controller with X-Input mode
  • 8BitDo 2.4g USB Receivers
  • 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapters (Red/Black/Gray)
  • Xbox (OG/360/One/Series)
  • PS Classic USB Controller
  • PS4 DualShock 4 Wired
  • PS5 DualSense Wired
  • Sega AstroCity Mini USB Controller
  • RetroBit Sega Genesis 6-button USB Controller
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