Rany Battikh

Next Gen Dreamcast controller by Retro Fighters

Shortly after the announcement of the BrawlerGen 2-in-1 controller, Retro Fighters just launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their newest project: the “Next Gen Dreamcast controller“.

Following the same path as the critically praised “Brawler 64”, this new Dreamcast controller boasts modern features, besides its overall ergonomic design, such as an updated analog stick (similar to the PS4 controller analog sticks), a larger D-pad and additional shoulder buttons.

Retro Fighters justified the somewhat high price tag of $49 by admitting that most under-the-hood components were built in house. It comes at no surprise that factories no longer manufacturer VMU ports, for example, anymore.  The Next Gen Dreamcast controller retains compatibility with both the VMU and the Jump Pack.

Retro Figthers are aiming for $13,000 as a starting point and a couple of other stretch goals are also set on the campaign’s page. The controller will supposedly see the light of day in September 2019.

The 3rd party market of DC controllers is meager, to say the least, so if done right, the Next Gen Dreamcast controller could very well be the controller of choice for a wide selection of Dreamcast fans.

Check out the campaign’s page for a quick video demo of a prototype board, pledge packages and more details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1247448559/next-gen-dreamcast-controller?ref=profile_created