New UltraHDMI Firmware v1.09

It looks like Marshall has quietly released a new firmware for the elusive UltraHDMI N64 mod.  The most notable addition is a “zero lag” option;  The UltraHDMI was by no means “laggy” before this, but if your TV is compatible, it appears this update allows you to run it without a framebuffer, removing almost all lag from the signal.  UPDATE:  This firmware apparently breaks in-game reset, so hold off until v1.10 if that’s a feature you rely on.

Download the new firmware here:
A full changelog history can be found here:
More info on the UltraHDMI:

Here’s the list of changes since the previous firmware:

  • Zero lag option added – HDMI sync perfectly matches N64 input with no tearing and instant progressive / interlaced switching, on compatible TV’s.  All features are available with no impact.  Up to 16.6ms lag reduction.
  • Compatible receivers now identify UltraHDMI as a GAME device, and show the product name.
  • Decreased gamma boosts for analog output (HW2).

I recently released a video, that gives a full overview of what’s needed to get started using your N64 on modern TV’s.  You might want to check that out, which includes some context on the UltraHDMI, how it holds up in 2021 and if it’s the right mod for you:

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