New Switch Model in 2019?

The Wall Street Journal just reported that Nintendo may release a new version of the Switch in 2019 to “maintain sales momentum”.  My personal opinion is this is a great idea and it certainly worked for them with the variety of DS and 3DS consoles released. 

I just hope the focus isn’t only on the handheld experience, as the WSJ article implies;  Speculation is leading to rumors of the LCD screen being upgraded to an LED…or even an OLED (although that’s unlikely).  I’d personally like to see versions of the Switch that focus on the home experience.  Maybe a version that outputs both to the Switch’s tablet and TV at the same time, allowing for DS & 3DS ports to be played on a big screen?  What about a version that supports 4K rendering???

Probably all just wishful thinking, as Nintendo always focuses on mainstream sales and doesn’t usually care about videophiles.


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