New SCART To JAMMA Adapter

Tim Worthington has just announced a brand new SCART to JAMMA adapter called the Redgun:

This is his third revision of an adapter like this and includes many enhancements and features!

  • Composite, S-Video, Component and RGB SCART inputs
  • Automatic switching between inputs
  • Comb filter on composite
  • Stereo audio amplifier built in
  • Redgun-JAMMA Controller Adapter to be released alongside

That last one is an achievement by itself!  Apparently, Tim has created controller adapters that interface with most consoles.  You’d connect one “controller pod” to each console, daisy chain them together and connect them to the main board.  This will allow you to control all consoles from the arcade stick, without ever swapping wires!

The board should be ready for sale by April, with no pricing currently set.  I’m really looking forward to getting one and seeing what it can do!  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m hoping the Redgun can be used to replace the guts of aging CRT’s…essentially “RGB modding” a good CRT with all new components.

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