New Round of GBA Consolizer Pre-Orders

Game-Tech has just opened a new round of pre-orders for Woozle’s Game Boy Advance Consolizer (GBAz) kits.  The options include a new case, as well a an updated “facehugger” option for people who want to retain the functionality of the original buttons and d-pad (but not the original screen).  Kits are being shipped to Game-tech now and they ordered more than the previously pending orders, so anyone who orders now, should get theirs fairly soon.

GBAz Kit Pre-Orders:

As a note, these pre-orders are for the kits, not completed units.  They require installation and it’s recommended that you have that done professionally;  This is not a beginner-friendly install.

Also, for all the information you need about the GBAz, please check out my original video about it.  All things covered are still the same, however this batch will ship with updated firmware that adds a few more options:

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