New Products From Axunworks

Axunworks has just released five new arcade products, ranging from expert to beginner use.  I’ve tested quite of few of his previous products and liked them all, so I’m interested to try some of these out!  Here’s links to all new additions and I’ll have short descriptions of each below; Please note, I haven’t personally tested any of these, I’m just summarizing what each device claims to do:

Mini Supergun + PSU ($90):
JAMMA H&V Shift, Brightness Adjust ($60):
Supergun PSU ($80):
USB to DB15 Adapter ($43):
Spinner + Button ($107):

The Mini Supergun is aiming to be an affordable way to connect your arcade boards to displays or processors.  It outputs either RGB or component video through a DB15 (VGA-style) connector and comes with a “VGA to BNC” cable for direct use with RGB monitors or consumer CRT’s.  It also comes with it’s own PSU that supports all voltages, which is a big help for beginners – Most other superguns require you to find your own PSU, wire custom cables and get a case.  For $90, this might be an excellent way to get started…I already purchased one and I’m definitely looking forward to safety testing the output! – Expect a review within a week of it’s arrival.

Axun also released a JAMMA adjustment conversion board that allows you to adjust both the brightness and H&V position of your arcade games!  In my opinion, devices like this are perfect for people using multiple boards (or a MiSTerCade) on an arcade machine that doesn’t have easy-to-access controls.  Here’s a good example:  My “MiniMiSTerCade” has all of these adjustments on the chassis, but they’re mounted directly underneath the exposed CRT.  Using this adapter would make adjustments far safer and easier.  Also, I can just calibrate the chassis controls to the board I use most (the MiSTer of course!), then use this to calibrate any new arcade board I connect.  Once I go back to the MiSTer, no calibration needed, it’s right back where it was!

There’s also a new power supply that can be used with any arcade board or supergun.  It’s fully enclosed and has both screw terminal outputs, as well as a connector.  If this one is reviewed and has clean power with good components, it’ll be one of the only PSU’s available that’s designed specifically for use outside an arcade machine (without additional cases or mods).  I’d definitely like to see a cover for the screw terminals or something, just for safety reasons…but that’s something that can easily be taken care of with a 3D print.

Next is an adapter that allows you to connect USB controllers to DB15 (Supergun/Neo Geo) ports.  Axun’s claiming only 1ms of latency to do the conversation and this seems plausible:  I personally tested the Undammed adapter at 1ms and there’s a new open source project that’s getting the same readings.  Of course, your USB controller might add its own latency, but at least you know the converter works well.

Lastly is a spinner controller built into an arcade pushbutton.  This is designed for Forgotten Worlds machines, however Axun also lists other games it’s probably compatible with; Check the page for more info.

I purchased the supergun and each of the other new products are currently being sent to reviewers.  If you’re a pro arcade gamer, definitely give these a try and see what you think.  If not, maybe hold off until reviews come in and see how they perform.  As always, I’ll keep people updated of Axun’s new stuff;  Many are niche products, but definitely fill an important need for arcade gamers!

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