New Multi Carts for GX-4000, Vectrex and ColecoVision

Basque on the french auction site “Le Bon Coin” is selling Multi carts he makes for Amstrad GX-4000, MB Vectrex and ColecoVision.


Here are some info about them:

  • Each of 3 carts is sold 55€ (without shipping)
  • Each one has the right voltage 😉
  • The supplier can provide the carts with ZIF support and EEPROM so you can program the EEPROM yourself.
  • GX-4000
    • 30 games included. Only 1 is missing because it has been never dumped
    • You can use the OEM supply unlike the C4CPC
    • This one isn’t compatible with CPC MicroComputers due to its shape
  • Coleco
    • 192 games included
  • Vectrex
    • 72 games included


You can find them here:
Vectrex: no page for it but you can contact the vendor through the other pages