NeoSaveMasta ‘Karnov Edition’ On Sale Tonight at 6PM CST

Pre-orders for the Karnov Edition of the NSM will go on sale today at 6PM CST, for $48.  Remember to select “Karnov” from the drop-down menu.  Also, only one per person and anyone trying to order multiple will have the order cancelled!!!:

The NeoSaveMasta (NSM) is a replacement memory card for AES and MVS Neo Geo consoles. The original SNK memory card had 2k of RAM which would hold roughly 20 game saves.  The original data was also saved by a battery, meaning once that died, all your saves would be lost.

Alternatively, the NeoSaveMasta contains 2 separate 16k banks of storage and no battery, allowing for a much larger and reliable storage.

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