NeoSaveMasta 2019 – Neo Geo AES/MVS Memory Card: Sells-Out Fast!

Brian Hargrove (AKA turfmasta) has offered an incredible line of products at for years, including a replacement of the rare/expensive Neo Geo AES/MVS memory card, called the NeoSaveMasta. NSM has been through several revisions, each with a unique color, artwork, and an evolving list of features.

The latest model sold out in minutes, but Brian is working on a new ordering system to account for the high demand, and a mailing list is available for those wishing to be contacted when future rounds of sales are opened.

I own a very old model of the NSM and hope to update one day to the latest and greatest.

The NSM is a replacement memory card for Home and MVS systems.  The original SNK memory card carried 2k of battery backed-up ram, enough to hold roughly 20 game saves.  The NeoSaveMasta contains 2 separate 16k banks of storage and NO BATTERY.

The 2019 NeoSaveMasta now has a bright LED light installed so you can tell if you left your Neo Geo powered on 😉

New artwork by

You can save the level you’re on,  like the final boss in a fighting game or last level in Metal Slug.  You can save your season data from Baseball Stars or your current hole in Neo Turf Masters.

Note: Please make sure the pins on your memory card slot are not bent, damaged or missing before using ANY memory card.

If you use a XXX in 1 multicart, you may need to power off the system to change games. There is a bug inside of multicarts that disables the menu when it detects any memory card. This is not a bug with my NeoSaveMasta and will happen on any system with any memory card present.