NeoSaveKeepa – Magnetic storage case for NeoSaveMasta memory cards for Neo Geo.

I recently designed this magnetic latching storage case for the excellent NeoSaveMasta memory cards by NeoTurfMasta for the Neo Geo.


I had originally tinkered with a print in place plastic hinge system, but felt that it was too flimsy and would be something that would easily fail over time. Since the case, when closed, is less than 8.5mm thick, I had to get creative with my hinge design. I wanted to use a 2mm thick steel pin, but due to lack of space I ended up settling on a 1.59mm stainless steel rod for the hinge.


After tackling the hinge design, it was how do I handle the closing/latching mechanism. The obvious choice would be to integrate a plastic latch in the design. I experimented with modeling a plastic latch but quickly changed my design to a magnetic system. I created a 5mm diameter by 1mm deep hole in each corner and then after printing them, I put in a very small dab of super glue and then insert the magnetic in each corner.


To finish the case, I have opposing tabs on the edge of it to easily grasp the case and open it.



One thing to note: These cases are only suitable for the NeoSaveMasta memory cards produced from 2016 and newer. The older cards are too large and will not fit.


If you would like to order one of these cases, I will have them available on my webshop they’re now available at Stone Age Gamer:


They are available in 3 colors: Matte Black, Pink, and Jet Black LE. The Jet Black is a limited edition case that will only have 10 made. Price is $15 per case.


And in a week or two I will upload the design to thingiverse as open source in case you want to print off your own: