Neo2USB – One More Production Run

Todd from RetroFrog has just announced one more run of the Neo2USB adapter:  A device we previously posted about that uses MickGyver’s low-latency, open source design to convert DB15 to USB.  These are designed specifically to use Neo Geo controllers with the MiSTer, however any 4-button (or less) arcade sticks wired with a DB15 port should be compatible as well.  The price is $30 and it’s due to ship next month:

Pre-Order the Neo2USB:

The use case for this is pretty straightforward:  If you have a Neo Geo stick, or Neo Geo CD gamepad that you’d like to use with a MiSTer, this is a must-buy!  Mick’s github lists the latency at averaging UNDER one millisecond of latency and the MiSTerAddons Latency Testing database verified the results.  Basically, when used with MiSTer, these Neo Geo adapters can be considered “zero latency”.

I also think they’re great for use with Raspberry Pi’s, or PC gaming / emulation as well.  They seem to work in all the OS’s I’ve tried and are reliable.  In fact, the only thing to note, is if you’re using a 6-button arcade stick wired with a Neo Geo style port, you’ll have to mod this adapter…but it’s really easy:  Just solder two wires between the corresponding pins.  While it’s annoying to mod something brand new, this might work in your favor:  Some people choose to wire buttons 5&6 to different pins on the connector, depending on their supergun (or other use case).  Having to manually wire the final two buttons ensures your adapters will always match how your stick is wired.  And on the flip side, if 5&6 were hard wired and didn’t match your pinout, you’d have to cut traces to mod this adapter, while in this case it’s just two simple jumper wires.  So, I think Todd made a good choice.

Either way, check out the link for more info!  And if you’d like to hear more from Todd, or learn about a cool way to direct-wire your arcade sticks, check out the videos below:

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