Neo SD Pro AES & MVS Pre-Orders Open

Pre-orders are once again open for Neo Geo AES and MVS versions of the Neo SD Pro ROM cart.  The price is around $685:

Neo SD Pro AES:
Neo SD Pro MVS:

The cart is exactly the same as previous versions, which include:

  • 4 Flash slots that retain the game assigned and boot instantly.
  • 1 RAM slot that loads very quickly, but the game is erased on power off.
  • Neo Geo CD support over the RAM slot;  The CD music is mono-only, but effects are still stereo.
  • In-Game Menu
  • Tons of configuration options
  • MVS version has a reversible case to match whichever orientation your system has (so it can be flipped to look cool in devices like the Omega MVS and Open MVS).

While there’s many good ways to experience Neo Geo games, including software emulation in arcade boxes, or using MiSTer FPGA hardware emulation, this ROM cart is for people who specifically want to use original hardware.  Using a ROM cart and original Neo Geo hardware is expensive, but important to the people who use them.

For more info, check out the videos below:

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