Neo Geo MV1C HDMI Mod

For the first time ever, we now have a true digital-to-digital HDMI solution for the Neo Geo!  Markus Hiienkari, the creator of the OSSC has now ported the code of his CPSDigiAV (Formerly CPSHDMI) to work on an MV1C motherboard.  This video is a general overview of how it works, basic installation tips and some examples of it in action!

Purchase CPSDigiAV (one board for all installs):
CPSDigiAV Neo Geo Firmware:

One important point I forgot to make in the video:  Total cost.  If you own a few arcade boards, buying a supergun and scaler would most likely be the most cost-effective option.  But what if the only arcade board you’d like to use is the Neo Geo?  The price of this board and paying a pro to install it, would be the same as a cheap supergun/scaler…and cheaper than a fancier scaler/supergun combo.  So it’s important to keep all that in mind – Internal HDMI mods aren’t just for us crazy folk who want pixel-perfect output.  Although there are quite a few of us who really appreciate it 🙂

Here’s links to other stuff discussed in the video.  Also if you’d like to hear more from the creator of this project, check out the interview I did with Markus, available as a video (below) and on all audio podcast services:

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