Neo Geo 240p Test Suite Beta Updates

Artemio has just released the latest beta version of the Neo Geo 240p Test Suite.  A ton of work has gone into this and it’s going to be the most feature-filled official release the test suite has ever seen!  It can be used on original hardware via ROM carts and both hardware and software emulation – And a physical release will be planned after it leaves beta!  We’ll make sure to keep everyone informed and give plenty of heads up before the physical release ships.

Download the beta:
More details (public post):

Here’s a list of the changes since the previous release:

  • New font for better readability via compòsite video, as suggested by Pinobatch. Old font is still selectable
  • Has all patterns and features from any other version. It is the most complete fist day release to date
  • 304 and 320 horizontal patterns, following both SNK guidelines and the full resolution.
  • Custom audio driver for sound test and MDFourier. Uses FM, PSG, ADPCM-A and ADPCM-B or CDDA when in Neo Geo CD.
  • Audio driver can also do a Z80 RAM test.
  • ADPCM-B stereo can be reversed in BIOS for MVS1C systems.
  • Includes HCFR, not as precise as Dreamcast or Wii due to color space, but very decent for those interested.
  • Controller test works with all MVS ports and 4 player extension if available

Future refinements (will be done in a matter of weeks):

  • Improve Monoscope accuracy against broadcast hardware. It is very close now, but will check with Keith Raney
  • Adapt MDFourier so that the same audio recordings can be used to compare MVS, AES and NGCD since clocks differ.
  • Currently an option to limit IRE is available. This only makes sense in AES via composite video.
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