N64 Recompiled: A New Way to Port N64 Games to PC

N64 recompiled is a program designed to take an N64 ROM and recompile it for PC. Created by Wiseguy, it takes an N64 ROM and converts all the code back into C automatically, allowing it be compiled for modern computers running windows or Linux. Yep, that means you don’t need proton to run it on a steam deck. It make for a great way to play an N64 game on a PC.

This existing doesn’t take away from hand made decompilation projects though. The code you get from N64 recompiling isn’t readable and can’t be modded as easily. But it still can offer some quality of life updates, like high frame rate support. This comes courtesy of Dario’s RT64 plugin. While the RT part isn’t out yet, the high frame rate interpolation feature is amazing. It also supports the ability to replace models and similar Nvidia’s RTX remix, it’s done at the rendering phase, meaning the game itself thinks it’s using the original models. Allowing for support for modern formats and less issues with the original games when trying to use higher quality assets.

I love this a lot. I’ve been playing a bit of Majora’s Mask with this and it’s great. The recompiled port makes some optional changes like having a auto save system that hijacks the owl statues, while also adding a button on the save file screen to load back into the dawn of the first day like the original. And if you prefer, you can turn it off and play the game like the original. And the video by Nerrel which I linked above is an excellent introduction to what this is and why it can co-exist with traditional decomp project. I seriously reccomend giving it a try the next time you feel like playing Zelda Majora’s Mask. Oh, and Ocarina Of Time Support is also set to come in the Zelda 64 recompiled port.