MultiBoy 32 Project Update

Kevin Mellott has just posted a few status updates regarding his “MultiBoy 32” Virtual Boy ROM/flash cart project.

He’s received quotes and selected a board house for the initial prototype run of 10 carts.  Unfortunately, these will be costly and he’s looking to secure funding for both this and the main project.

At the moment, Kevin’s considering Kickstarter, or just a direct pre-order to get these made.  My personal opinion is that I’d be happy to pre-pay in whatever way is easiest for Kevin.  I’m sure there will be delays, issues and all the typical things you’d need to deal with in a project like this, but a true Virtual Boy rom cart is something I’ve always wanted and would be glad to help.

We’ll make sure to keep everyone informed of any updates or official pre-order info.  Here’s both the forum topic and main page to reference as well:

Discussion Forum:

Main Project Page:

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