Mortal Kombat II 32X Arcade Edition

Developer Master Linkuei, along with BillyTimeGames and YoSoyNach0 have just released an “arcade edition” romhack of Mortal Kombat II for the Sega 32x.  This should be playable on real hardware via ROM carts and MiSTer users can simply rename the rom to .32x for use on the FPGA platform.  There’s also a MSU-MD release which includes the arcade music!!  More info below:

Download links are in the video above and if you love the project, consider donating here:

This was an absolutely massive undertaking and a great way to experience the game – While 32x consoles can be finnicky, the loading time is nonexistent, making it far easier to jump into a match.  I do hope the MiSTer team would consider adding MSU-MD support for 32x, to take advantage of the arcade soundtrack…if that’s even possible while emulating the 32x core.

Here’s the full list of changes, copied from Master Linkuei’s thread:

-Added more voices and sfx samples:

Scorpion’s “Get Over Here”
Liu Kang’s Bicycle Kick
Shao Kahn’s Laugh
Dan Fordden’s “Oh waaa”
Sub-Zero’s Ice SFX
& More…

-Added SFX in the backgrounds:

Livin’ Forest
The Portal

-Combos restored and improved:

Jax Flying Kick + Grab in the air
Scorpion’s Flying kick + Teleport
and more…

-Gameplay and timings improved

-Reset System: Press ABC+MODE to reset or go back to the MEGA ED PRO menu

-Training Mode with an exclusive new music track!

-Deadpool Dan Fordden’s “Oh waaa” easter egg restored

-The PIT II fatality improved (sfx, animations and sync)

-MSU-MD alternate patch with all the Arcade songs (based on the MSU-MD code by jvisser)

-Color palettes improved and added shadow mode in some screens to look more accurate with the Arcade game.
& a lot of other little improvements…

-AI Nerf (by @BillyTime):

ON = The difficulty selected will be fixed for every fight of the battleplan (even for the bosses)
OFF = The original AI: After the 3rd fight, the CPU turn into a BEAST and BREAK you. lol

-Pause System (by @yosoynacho):  Press MODE to pause and Start to unpause.

-Auto detection of 3 button or 6 button controller.

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