Modern Console Jailbreak News

This week, Modern Vintage Gamer posted two videos talking about modern console jailbreaks.  The first was a video discussing the arrest of Team Xecuter, as a result of the Switch modchip.  The second is a video about two separate exploits being found for the PS5 – And while there’s no public release available, this is very cool news for fans of homebrew solutions.  Check out both videos below for more info.

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I personally don’t have any of my modern consoles jailbroken, however I’ve always been a fan of console hacking.  I distinctly remember a few people asking me to hack their original Xbox, specifically to rip games they legally purchased, so they didn’t have to worry about their kids scratching the games.  While there’s probably a ton of reasons I can rattle off that make sense for jailbreaking modern consoles, I wouldn’t want to do so if the tradeoff was lost money for people who make a living creating and selling video games.  Either way, this is always an interesting debate and MVG is one of the best sources of information for the topic.

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