MiSTerFPGA News – Sega Saturn, CPS3, PC-FX, Splatterhouse & More!

Thrustmaster T300RS Guide

If you have a Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel, Mr Walrus on the MiSTer FPGA forums has a guide helping set up the wheel. They wanted to share some basic configuration information, per-game configuration settings, and pre-configured input map files to make things easier for anyone wanting to setup the wheel. The guide is in a forum post on the MiSTer FPGA forums.

There’s also another guide that tests out other racing wheels by Zez Retro, check out the blog link to see that guide.



Jotego mentioned last week that a lot of work is already done for a Haunted Castle core and all that’s needed is the CPU to be finished.

Now he recently posted a screenshot for MX5000, another game that runs on the similar hardware. The screenshot posts talk about the progress that’s being done with the CPU.



Jotego also posted some progress on the custom Konami CPU used in games like Aliens and The Simpsons. His team has already started the design phase which will invove designing a few hardware units and then joining them with a programmable control unit.

It was was alos thought that the Konami CPU work could be derived from the current M6809 CPU work, but due to some differences, a rewrite will be needed. Jotego has a very detailed post on Patreon regarding the history of the CPU and why the current M6809 can’t be used and what steps are going to be taken for the new implementation.


Retro Frog Keyboard Case

Todd from Retro Frog is launching a WIP case with a keyboard, taking you back to the days when PCs were built into a keyboard. A slot for an MT32 pi will be included. The specifics of the keyboard and its integration aren’t decided yet and 3D files will be available on Patreon ($3/month) as soon as the design is finalized.


Saturn Update

srg320 has released a Saturn core update which involves the CD Block, which is used for reading CD data. This should improve CD read compatibility; however, the affected games remain unknown. It’s likely that someone will compile the core and then users can start testing for any differences.


Konami CPU




Jotego has received a PCB of Splatterhouse from LightCaster Games for analysis and core development.
This beatemup is going to be another great addition for the Misterfpga project.


CPS3 Update

Furrtek has posted high resolution die images of some custom chips for the CPS3 hardware. It’s going to be a long process to create traces for these chips and some developers have shown interest in creating them.



David Shadoff, who’s worked on multiple Mister cores, including the PC engine core and also PC engine software emulation, has obtained a PC-FXGA card. This is an ISA card that allowed you to play PCFX games on an IBM compatible PC in DOS.

David, is going to be looking at the circuit layout of the PCB, and eventually would like a core to come out of this, but even if no core comes out of this, at the very least we will get documentation and David has already been documenting the PCFX on GitHub.