MiSTerFPGA News – Handheld MiSTer Pricing, System 18, TapTo & More

Alternate MiSTer Main Option

There’s a new ini option for MiSTer that allows you to use a different MiSTer main binary. It is recommeded to use this feature on a per core basis. This will let you boot up a core and have it use the needed alternate binary. For example, GroovyMiSTer requires a modified main binary, so instead of replacing the official one, you can have the MiSTer.ini file make GroovyMiSTer use the alternate one. All other cores will use the standard binary.


MiSTer FPGA Clone

Taki Udon gave an update on the DE10 Nano clone. Some features have been verified to work like:

-Direct video
-HDMI resolution of 2048×1536
-VGA, SNAC and 3.5mm audio of the Analog IO board.
-USB Hub

Things that still need to be tested are:
-The real time clock.
-And the digital IO board with dual RAM setup.

Taki also spoke about the planned handheld and console. Pricing for the handheld might be around 125 to $150. The console version is supposed to have a huge feature, but it hasn’t been revealed what that feature is.



ArielAces posted some images of a new NFC card templates based on the Sega Genesis red boxes and the 0MHz DOS collection.

wizzo also created a new website for the TapTo project meant to be a one-stop-shop for guides, photos of builds and more.

BedRoomNinja also has NFC-Engine cases available for purchase. These allow you to insert NFC card like a PC Engine console.


Teki Paki

A new arcade game has been released by the CoinOp collection team. That game is Teki Paki, a falling block puzzle game reminiscent of Tetris and Puyo Puyo. You can obtain the core from the public patreon post by Atrac17.



If you are willing to do some compiling of cores, you can test out the work in progress Irem M107 arcade core by Martin Donlon. The hardware only ran three games, a vertically scrolling shooter called Air Assault and two soccer games, Dream Soccer ’94 and World PK Soccer.


Arcade Game Fixes

Jotego applied some maintenance fixes to some Konami games, OutRun, Karate Champ and the Toki core by Solal Retrogaming.

Sega System 18

Jotego says that several System 18 games are booting in the upcoming JTS18 core. However, there is an issue with the VDP chip implementation that is still being worked on. Without this VDP chip some games will display graphical glitches.