MiSTerAddons Low Latency Arcade Stick to USB Board is now selling their version of the ultra-low-latency Pico fighting board, called the Reflex Encode v1.1. The boards come flashed with OpenStickCommunity’s v0.6.1 GP2040 firmware and perform at about 0.772 ms of latency.  You can even configure it via a web server, to customize the buttons any way you’d like.  The price is $45 plus shipping and more info is available below:

Reflex Encode:

If you’re looking to build your own arcade stick, or wire your current arcade machine for use with an emulation-based solution, this is an excellent choice.  In fact, even if your arcade stick already has a USB encoder, it might be worth upgrading to this, depending on it’s current performance and compatibility.  Check the post above for more info and links to everything you need.

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