MiSTer JAMMIX Adapter Now Available to Purchase

The MiniITX MiSTer I/O project called the JAMMIX is now in-stock and available to purchase.  The price is $225 plus shipping for this I/O board and they’ll ship within one business day of purchasing, until stock runs out.  Please keep in mind you’ll still need a DE-10 Nano and RAM to make this a fully-functioning MiSTer:

Purchase JAMMIX Here:
More MiSTer Purchase Links:

I had an opportunity to test out the JAMMIX back at the Brooklyn Arcade grand opening and while I didn’t get to test all its features, it seemed like a great option for multiple use cases:  First and foremost, this is an excellent option for anyone looking to mount a MiSTer into any PC case as small as MiniITX.  With so many retro PC cores available on the MiSTer platform, I imagine many people might want a cool way to integrate it into an old PC case for a more authentic feel.

Also, the JAMMA output in another excellent use, for anyone who wants to integrate MiSTer into an arcade cabinet.  There’s also full 6-button support, available through a kick harness, or “CHAMMA” wiring.

For more info and a full list of features, check out the main page.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend more time with one soon:

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