MiSTer FPGA Updates – PSX Analog Output, System 16 Public and More

Playstation Core

The PlayStation core has added a feature not available on a real Playstation. There is now the ability to enable a real CPU data cache. This gives you the added benefit of increasing the framerate in games. It’s an optional debug feature, so if it causes problems you can always disable it.  No additional RAM stick is required.

Also exact video timings for PAL and NTSC analog video has been implemented. You should now get a correct aspect ratio and much improved analog output on the PlayStation core. 

Jotego Updates

Core developer Jotego has officially released his System 16 core to the public. So you no longer need to be a Patreon member to obtain it. You will either have to download it and install it manually from his jtbin github or, you can install the UpdateAll script on your MiSTerFPGA to have it automatically installed.

He also hinted at support for 5x crop support. Because of overscan, some games would allow for extra space at the top and bottom of the screen area. To get a great detailed explanation on why you would want to use 5x crop, check out a post regarding it here on RetroRGB. A link is below.

Jotego has also released beta cores for Sly Spy and Boulder Dash. These do require patreon subscriptions so please support him if you’re interested in these cores or appreciate the work he does.

MSTer Addons Aluminum Case Conversion kit

If you’ve purchased an aluminum MiSTerFPGA case from MiSTerAddons, there is now a conversion kit for users who want to replace an analog IO board to a digital one. This will help those who want to switch to a digital IO board so they can add a second ram stick to their mister setup. The price of the conversion kit is $10. 

Ultimate MiSTer MT32Pi hat

MiSTer vendor UltimateMiSTer is going to start selling a new all in one MT32Pi setup. This one will include a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, 2 heatsinks, a MicroSD card, a USB 3.0 cable and a stand and case with builtin screen. It will be assembled and ready to go and cost 79.90 euros.

If you want a more compact MT32 Pi, he will also be selling the MT32-pi lite, which will do the exact same thing but you will not get a built-in screen. That lite setup will cost 59.90 euros and will also include the Pi Zero 2W and SD card.

Other MiSTer FPGA updates template

And other cores getting miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

Apple 1