MiSTer FPGA Updates – Adaptive Scanlines, PSX Bug Squashing and More

Playstation Debug Session

Robert Peip, the developer of the MiSTer PlayStation core, has posted a video where he demonstrates his debugging process and goes about fixing a bug. It’s some really good insight in the development process of a MiSTer core.

Adaptive Scanlines

The MiSTer framework has added support for adaptive scanlines. What are adaptive scanlines? These are scanlines that change thickness according to the brightness of the image. This behavior should get you a closer look to a CRT display. Keep in mind that along with the core requiring to support adaptive scanlines, the video preset or filter you use, also has to enable them. So far cores that support adaptive scanlines are:

Mega CD
Acorn Electron
And the Coco 2 core

Jotego Hippodrome Arcade Core

Jotego has released a new arcade core for his Patreon subscribers. The game is Data East’s Hippodrome and it’s a fighting game where you choose 1 of 2 human fighters to do one on one battles with monsters.


MiSTer Vendor Antonio Villena has developed a screen for use with a MiSTer setup. The screen costs 50 euros and it shows information like what core or arcade game is running. This is based on a PCB design by twitter user AlexXNR, which he based his design on the MiSTer TTY2OLED project originally created by venice1200 on Github.

Developing your own MiSTer Core

The youtube channel Mr Retro Wolf has a series of videos where he helps you with how to code a Namco arcade core for the MiSTer FPGA. It’s a very detailed and informative series so if you have any interest in FPGA development then make sure you check out his videos.

GunCon 2 Tutorial

If you’re interested in using a Namco GunCon 2 lightgun on multiple cores, check out my tutorial video where I go over the steps. There is no official support yet so you have to install some files onto your MiSTer to get this working, but many games work great so I feel it’s worth the effort.

Other MiSTer Updates

A new input test program has been added.

The AO486 core has added shadow mask support along with other updates.

There’s been updates to these corse:
BBC Acorn

And the main mister framework has added some fixes and updates.