MiSTer FPGA News – S-Video/Composite Output, C128, New Zealand Story & More

Mouse Wheel as Spinner

MiSTer Main now supports the abilitty to use your mouse’s wheel as a spinner. This feature is useful for some spinner devices that output as wheel. You may also need to fine tune the value for “spinner_throttle” when using this feature.


NES Famicom Keyboard Support

The NES core added support for the Famicom keyboard. This was a peripheral for the Famicom that came with the Family Basic package and allowed you to program in BASIC on the NES.


Mike Simone’s Y/C Work

MiSTer Main has integrated support for S-Video and Composite output, making separate cores no longer needed. All official cores still need to be updated to include support, but since the integration is part of the MiSTer Framework, the process should be easier to implement.


Commodore 128

The Commodore 128 core has been released. It was previously only available through GitHub but now you can just update your MiSTer to obtain it.


Jotego Updates – New Zealand Story & More

Jotego released a beta for The NewZealand Story. There were some issues delaying the core, but those have been resolved. As with all his betas, they are released privately to Patreon subscribers first. As soon as they are stable enough, a free public release of the core is made.


Custom INI Profile Names

Custom profiles names for mister.ini files is coming soon. Right now the profile names are fixed to the names Main, Alt1, Alt2 and Alt3 and this new update will allow you to change these to a new 4 character name.


Taito System SJ (Elevator Action)

The schematics for the sound CPU, ROM & RAM portion of the Taito System SJ game board are complete. Core developer Anton Gale will next work on the 4 Yamaha sound chips on the board.

This hardware is what Elevator Action runs on.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Acorn Atom
Acorn Electron
Coleco Adam
Laser 310