MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64, New Megadrive Core & More

Ironclad Plus MT32-Pi Hat

Users of the Ironclad plus IO board now have another option for getting MT32 sound. A new updated internal MT32-Pi hat is availble for purchase. The previous one required forked cores to work and to use SNAC had to be physically removed.
This one doesn’t have those limitations and will set you back 25 euros.



The N64 core has increased compatibility and added new features. New features include:

-loading and storing saves to SD card.
-a CPU data cache.
-Option to enable/disable texture filtering

You can download the latest core from the MiSTerFPGA discord.


New Genesis/Mega Drive Core

The new cycle accurate Genesis/Megadrive core has been officially released. It supports Sega Master System games and is its own standalone core in addition to the current Genesis core. This new core also looks for game in the “Megadrive” game folder.


The Final Round

Jotego released a new beta for the arcade game The Final Round. This is a boxing game that was released in 1988.


MiSTercade Dual SDRAM

MiSTerAddons is developing a Dual SDRAM version of his MiSTercade, which is an IO board for MiSTer that allows you to hook it up to a JAMMA arcade cabinet.

$50 discounts are being offered to current MiSTercade owners.

$50 discount are also being offered for digital aluminum kits for customers who purchased MiSTer kits that cannot be switched to dual SDRAM.


Ranny Snice

I want to highlight the high quality wallpapers Ranny Snice has created for MiSTer. You can enable them in update all, by going to the “Misc Menu” and set “Ranny Snice Wallpapers” to enabled.

Ranny just released a Gameboy color wallpaper and is working on wallpapers for 8bitdo hardware.