MiSTer FPGA News – N64, Neo Geo Pocket, Remote & More

Irem M92 Talk

Artemio uploaded a video on Youtube where he speaks with core developer wickerwaka about the M92 hard.
They go over wickerwaka’s core development journey, the chips in the hardware and much more.
It’s a good video that you will learn a lot from.


Interview with Pramod

Pixel Cherry Ninja, another YouTube channel with MiSTer content, has a an interview with core developer Pramod, who’s working on the core for the Williams Y & Z unit arcade hardware.

Games that run on those boards include Mortal Kombat, NARC, Smash TV & more.


N64 FPGA Core Starting Development

On Twitter Robet Peip posted that he will soon start work on the FPGA N64 core. THe previous work that was done was for a software emulator that will help with the FPGA core’s development.


MiSTex N64 Port

The MiSTex project might also get the N64 core. If you do not know what MiSTex is, it’s a fork of MiSTer with the goal of being able to use whatever FPGA chip you want. SO imagine playing the MiSTer cores on FPGA boards other than the DE10 Nano.

Hans, who’s developing MiSTex responded to a couple of tweets to Robert Peip about porting the core.


Core development

Mr Retro Wolf released a new video in his MiSTer series, which explains the hardware and core of the game Dottori Kun. The video covers the function of the board, a schematic breakdown, Z80 information and resources, ROM file creation and more. If you are interested in core development or want to learn more about it, I recommend subscribing to Mr Retro Wolf’s channel.


Neo Geo Pocket

Jotego announced that the Neo Geo Pocket core is nearing completion, but some small details are still missing. A beta release planned for June.


Soldam (Arcade)

Atrac17 announced on Twitter that the arcade puzzle game Soldam, featuring characters from the Rodland series, is now available for the Jaleco Mega System 1 core. The core can be manually installed from GitHub or automatically downloaded by enabling the CoinOp Collection database in the update all script.


Taito System SJ

Anton Gale’s next step for the Taito System J core is to implement hit detection. Sprites are still glitching but Anton feels that he knows what’s causing those issues.

Anton is also going to test if other games that use the hardware works. I personally am looking forward to see if Jungle Hunt works.


Parodius Da!

Jotego’s team is working on the schematics for the arcade game Parodius da!. This board shares the tilemap chips with Aliens and Super Contra, but the sprite chips are different. The schematics will be available to the community once completed.



A new extension for MiSTer called Remote was released by Wizzo. It allows you to control your MiSTer over a web browser. The extension includes a remote control widget, an interface to index and search games, a basic list of cores, a screenshot manager, a music controller, and a wallpaper manager. You can support Wizzo’s work on Kofi. Check out the GitHub page to download the extension and the YouTube page to see a demo.