MiSTer FPGA News – FPGA Sega Neptune, MiSTer Handheld Update & More

FPGA Sega Neptune

A brazilian company called GamesCare, announced the GF1 Neptune. an FPGA recreation of what would’ve been the Sega Neptune. That means it’s a console that combines both the Sega Genesis and 32X devices. Instead of having the 32X as an addon. It will also have an expansion port for a Sega CD compatibility.

A full reveal is scheduled for June 30th at gamescom latam, a large gaming festival taking place in Sao Paolo Brazil. The reveal will also include the premeire of a new game.



A recently released animated sci-fi film’s special features section of the Bluray shows the Amiga core running on an FPGA. The movie is called Mars Express which is distributed by GKIDSfilms. GKIDSfilms has also featured the MiSTer FPGA on their Instagram and TikTok accounts too.



Another remote app for the MiSTer FPGA is available for download. It’s called Rimokon and
it supports search, importing and customizing metadata, setting favorites, browsing by title, browsing by artwork, and launching games via QR codes. The app is open source and available for Android phones. Check out the GitHub for the app download.


Super Locomotive

Core developer Raki, has released a beta of the arcade game Super Locomotive. A game by Sega where the goal is to guide a train from one location to the next while avoiding obstacles.


Game Challenge

MiSTer Walrus posted the next game in the MiSTer FPGA Discord Game challenge is the Homebrew game Fix it Felix Jr, based on the Arcade game featured in the movie Wreck It Ralph. The challenge goes until July 4.


DE10 Nano Alternative & Other MiSTer Consoles

The DE10 Nano alternative was shown off installed on a MiSTer setup from RetroCastle, showing that it works with current IO boards.

Two designs were handed off for 3D modeling, for the AMOLED MiSTerFPGA handheld. The differences between the two designs are the grips, appearance and shoulder buttons.

For the cartridge consoles, there are also now two distinct designs, but haven’t been shown.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

– Updates from the Gameboy core

Gameboy2P, Super GameBoy
– Window accuracy fixes
– Updated framework

– OPL3 improvements (Greg Taylor).
– More stable build.