MiSTer FPGA News – Atari Jaguar, New Cores, S-Video Adapters for Sale & More

Atari Jaguar

There’s another Jaguar core in development by Jotego and it is currently undergoing testing by atrac17. It was also hinted that CD support will be available as long as the Jaguar Game Drive also supports it.


Playstation Core

Robert Peip, the developer of the PlayStation core, posted a technical article on Patreon that goes over the aspects of implementing the double CPU clock and also the extra data cache. There is also a test core for you to try out these new features.


Xaind Sleena

Core developer Javier has released the Xain’d Sleena arcade core. Due to the games unsual refresh rate (57.5Hz), the developer also added a 60Hz video for dislpays that can’t use the orginal. This 60Hz mode can cause some issues depending on the RAM module you have installed. There are two rbf’s to help alleviate any issues in 60Hz mode. If the default 96MHz rbf gives you issues then try the 120MHz version.


Jet Fighter

Jimmy Stones finished implementing the overlay simulation for Atari’s Jet Fighter arcade game. It also works on a CRT. Two modes are available 504×252 and a hi-res 504×504 mode. This core is still underdevelopment and not yet available to the public.


Update All Reminder

If you’re using update all version 1.4, this is a reminder that support for it is ending after December 31st. Most users won’t be affected by this because the upgrade was done automatically, since most users have downloader activated. If you didn’t activate Downloader then you must do so before January 1st. If you do not upgrade then Update All will NOT work.

Update All version 1.4 for Updater PC will also stop working so you should be using the new MiSTer Downloader PC Launcher.

If you haven’t run any updater on your MiSTer since before September 2021, then it is actually recommended to do a fresh re-install of MiSTer using mr-fusion. Make sure you backup your saves and configs.


S-Video Adapter for Mike’s Y/C Cores for Sale

UltimateMister is selling passive adapters compatible with Mike Simones Y/C cores. These cores can natively output S-Video, and with an S-Video to Composite adapter you can also output composite. The adapter also has a luma trap that can help clean up composite output.

Mike is also working on an adapter that adds an Active Amp/Filter to bring luma/chroma voltages up to NTSC Spec. If you plan on using composite you may want to wait for active adapters because the image quality will be more affected with composite.


Jotego Updates

Jotego has released another beta for the arcade game Kageki. This is a 1988 fighting game developed by Kaneko and published by Taito.

A bug in the CPS 1 & 1.5 cores that broke cycle accuracy was fixed. Run update all to obtain the fix.

If you want the latest updates on the work that’s being done for the CPS3 board analysis, Jotego has a Patreon post giving details.


HomeLab Kit Computer Core

A new core for the HomeLab computer has been released. HomeLab was a series of Hungarian Kit computers in the 1980s.

The conversion to MiSTer was done by JasonA and HTP support was by Flandango


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other MiSTer related cores and software getting miscellaneous udpates are:

MiSTer Distribution repository
AO486 (Computer core)
Tomy Tutor (Computer core)
HomeLab Kit (Computer core)