MiSTer Capcom CPS-1 Arcade & ArduBoy FPGA Cores

Jotego has been releasing beta versions of his MiSTer & MiST Capcom CPS-1 Arcade FPGA cores to his patrons, allowing fans to dive into the largely unported CPS-1 library. Each week he has brought a few new games to the core, and he intends to support the entire CPS-1 library. The core is currently private, but like all of Jose’s other cores, it will be released as free open-source when complete.

The Capcom CPS-1 was a powerhouse of an arcade platform in its day, and it saw a number of legendary releases such as Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Strider, Willow, UN Squadron, Final Fight, 1941 Counter Attack, Mercs, Three Wonders, Captain Commando, and most famously, Street Fighter II.

CPS-1 hardware however is notoriously finicky and expensive, and its CPU suffers from irreparable chip rot, which is what killed my personal SFII arcade PCB. Having access to its library is like getting a brand new 2D hot rod that puts to shame the CPS-1 home ports.

uXeBoy also released a brand new ArduBoy MiSTer FPGA core recently. The ArduBoy is a tiny, no thrills modern handheld based around the Arduino, that is a cult favorite with a wide following. The core is already released to the official MiSTer Github repo, and you will find it in _Other after running the update script. It supports HEX and BIN ROMs.

Both cores support dual HDMI/analog video output and I showed them off in a recent stream.