Memcard Pro GC Cloud Saves

A new firmware was just released for the GameCube version of the MemCard Pro that allows for backing up your card via the cloud.  At the moment, only Google Drive is supported, but more providers will be added in the future.  You can also flip the screen, which is perfect for Wii users and a new menu.  Check out the full list of changes below, as well as a detailed video from Tito showing it in action at the bottom of the page:

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MemCard PRO GC FW 2.0.0 (Feature)

New Features

  • ☁️ Cloud Backups ☁️ are now here for the MemCard PRO GC! (PLEASE NOTE: Only Google Drive is supported for now. More providers will be added with future updates)
  • The screen can now be flipped 180° (useful on Nintendo Wii)
  • New Menu that can be accessed with a long-press of the left button on the device (can be used to setup cloud backups, view
  • You can now set a specific VMC to always boot to

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the MemCard PRO GC to not be recognised in the game “Puyo Pop Fever”
  • The overall performance of the card on the GameCube is now about 2x faster
  • The firmware updater now takes less than 10 seconds to flash a new firmware version
  • SD card access is now much faster (should be evident when creating and loading VMCs)
  • General OLED refresh rate optimisations
  • Many internal optimisations and webui stability improvements

To install the firmware update, download this .zip file and extract the mcp2gc.bin file and the “os” folder to the root of your microSD card. On boot, the firmware update should start automatically, and once successfully completed, your MemCard PRO GC will restart. The mcp2gc.bin file will be deleted automatically, and the “os” folder will remain on the card. Once the update is complete, if there are any .bin files remaining on the root of your sd card, you can safely delete them.


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